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This is the Place where I share my hardware and Software Projects. Most of the stuff on this site is related to electronics, because that’s what I’ve been Working With 😉 , and I love it.

Wow , Nice introduction but ……………………….

What does “TinkererWay” mean ?

Definition of Tinkerer: a person who regularly or occasionally engages in an activity as a pastime rather than as a profession.

Definition of Way: a method ,style or manner of doing something.

I think you got it .

I am equally fascinated with hardware and software.This is one of the reason that this site was made.It allows me to combine hardware and software skills to develop interesting projects ! also you get to share in these projects and hopefully learn a bit of software/hardware along the way .I hope that you enjoy the project contents on the site and it will help you to learn about programming and hardware.

The world of electronics is waiting for you, a fantastic land of leds,buttons,motors , and micro controllers.

The site is ad-free,and nearly all content is available ‘open source’ under Creative Common Licenses.

Open Hardware !

Everything on this page (everything I do ) is free and Open Source !


I am Amal Mathew ,I Make things and write about them.

All images and designs by Amal Mathew ,unless otherwise credited.

You can stay updated with what’s on TinkererWay via the blog and Social media.Use of the instructions,kits,projects and suggestions on TinkererWay is at your own risk.

Always check the web page associated with each project before you get started.There may be important updates or corrections.

My intention in publishing these projects is not just to make some hobby electronics project but also to illustrate the working principle.

If you find mistakes/bug in my description ,code,or in the schematic ,please report it to help me keep high quality content.

Third Party Links: In an attempt to provide increased value (as a reference ) to our visitors,I may link to sites operated by third parties,However I have no control over these linked sites .

Looking for information on microcontroller or custom embedded hardware ? enjoy tinkering with soldering iron and vintage electronics?

if so ,you’re in the right place.

I am working on a bunch of projects that I haven’t gotten around to documenting yet, but hopefully will soon.

Best Regards ,

Amal Mathew

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