HI, I’m Amal Mathew  .

I’m a firmware engineer and open-source creator. I’m a strong believer in open source and free sharing of knowledge. This website is my digital garden — a compendium of the things I’ve learned and created over the years. This is my personal site where I drop notes and articles about things that I am interested in. I love tinkering with electronics, Happiness is having garage full of surplus wire and “vintage electronics ” that really should be recycled. I believe in giving back and learning in public.

You do not need a fancy office or building to do great work. Great work can happen anywhere ,even in an apartment.

You know what sucks about life as a “professional developer” ,not having enough time to sit down and focus on learning. But sometimes ,I just miss those geeky days.

Design your own hardware ,Write your own Programs and the only limit will be your own imagination. Work on it .Sleep on it .Think on it. Let the answers come to you in the shower or in the middle of the night.

Alternate aliases

Around the internet, I am known as:


A few things I like

  • Writing on this blog
  • Avoiding social media


  • 2019: Website created

This blog is where I usually post finished projects. For a sneak peak into the things I’m currently working on follow me on Instagram.


Honestly, I barely use Social media Nowadays.

I am not an expert and I am making a tonne of mistakes. I welcome your critique and feedback .Let’s learn together and have some fun doing engineering !

Let’s make something together.